1784 Tax Lists Caswell County NC – Williams

In 1784 Caswell County, NC consisted of 8 districts – Richmond, Caswell, Gloucester, St. David’s, St. Lawrence, St. Luke’s, St. James, and Nash. In 1792, Caswell County was split into two counties – Caswell and Person. St. Lawrence, St. Luke’s, St. James, and Nash counties became Person County in 1792.

According to the 1784 Caswell County Tax list, there were 5 Williams men being taxed:

Richmond District – 0 Williams families were taxed

Caswell District – 0 Williams families were taxed

Gloucester District – 0 Williams families were taxed

St. David’s District – John Williams, Att, taxed for 1500 acres on Country Line Creek, 1 white poll and 6 black polls

St. Lawrence’s District – Tobias Williams taxed for 0 acres, and 1 white poll (0 black polls) and William Williams taxed for 163.5 acres on Cane Creek, 1 white poll and 0 black polls

St. Luke’s District – 0 Williams families were taxed

St. James’ District – Bennett Williams was taxed for 231 acres on Deep, 1 white poll and 0 black polls

Nash District – John Williams was taxed for 0 acres, 1 white poll and 0 black polls

Source:Caswell County NC Will Books 1777 – 1814, and 1814-1843 (Abstracts), 1784 Tax List, Guardian Records, etc… by Katherine Kerr Kendall (searchable online at ancestry.com); abstracted from the NC State Archives, Book C.R. 020.701.1, Compiled by Henry E. Kendall

Henry Williams – A Revolutionary War Soldier?

Many researchers of my Henry Williams have indicated that he was a Colonel in the Revolutionary War, citing page 71 of William S. Powell’s book When the Past Refused to Die: A History of Caswell County, North Carolina 1777-1977  (Durham, NC: Moore Publishing Company, 1977) as their source. This is the only source I can find indicating that Henry Williams was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.  I did not find a pension application for him or his widow or heirs in Heritage Quest’s Revolutionary War database.

Maybe Henry Williams was in the Caswell County militia and maybe he was active in that militia during the Regulator Movement (of which William S. Powell also wrote a book about – The regulators in North Carolina: a documentary history, 1759-1776).  However, I do not believe he saw duty during the Revolutionary War.  His brother, Colonel James Williams, was instrumental in the War.  He was living in the 96th District of South Carolina at the time.  In 1780, James Williams travelled to Caswell County, NC to visit his brother. It was there he wrote his will and transferred much of his property and possibly his slaves to his brother’s house for safe-keeping from the Tories. That Henry Williams was at home with his family, instead of away at war also indicates to me that he did not participate in the War.

After James’ death during the Battle of King’s Mountain in October 1780, Henry Williams, his brother and executor of his estate, reported an accounting of $25,000 that had been given to his brother, James Williams from the State of North Carolina to use to raise militia in Caswell County and surrounding counties to fight against the Tories. James’ son John Williams testified that this money was used to rally troops who were taken to King’s Mountain with him.  There is no mention of Henry Williams’ active participation in the rallying or marching of said troops. [Source: Graves, William T., James Williams: An American Patriot in the Carolina Backcountry, San Jose: Writers Club Press, 2002, p. 56]

The Author, William S. Powell, did not provide any sources or a bibliography to his book aforementioned. He did, however, note that all notes, chapter materials, and source material was given to the Gunn Memorial Library in Yanceyville, NC.  I therefore intend to visit this library and review his notes to see what source he used for his list of Caswell men who saw action in the Revolutionary War.


Richard Brooks of Caswell Co., NC (1730-1790)

Richard Brooks was born about 1730, probably in Virginia, and died about 1790 in Caswell County, North Carolina.  In his will written October 3, 1789 he mentioned his wife Ann Brooks and his 5 children (see original will transcript here):

  1. William Bird Brooks (c. 1774-after 1830)
  2. Elizabeth “Betsey” Brooks (born c. 1789)
  3. Francis Armestead Brooks (c. 1781 – after 1860 in Alabama) married James Sheppard
  4. John Brooks (c. 1785 – after 1809)
  5. Ann Smith Brooks (c. 1770 – c. 1805), married Solomon Graves

Richard Brooks was living in Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia prior to his removal to Caswell County, North Carolina between 1770 and 1780.  Caswell County was formed from Orange County in 1779.  It is possible, Richard lived in Orange County, North Carolina from 1770-1779 when part of the county became Caswell County.

On December 10, 1754, Richard and Thomas Brooks were listed in a survey to divide land equally between the two men according to the last will and testament of Mr. Jonathan Brooks in Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co., VA. [1]

On April 10, 1770, Richard and his wife _____’s daughter, Ann Smith Brooks, was baptized in Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co., VA [1].  Unfortunately, I did not see a marriage record for Richard Brooks in the Kingston Parish Book.

Richard’s wife Ann was listed on the 1800 Caswell County, NC census report after he died. She was listed between the ages of 26 and 45, born between 1755 and 1774. This would have made her about 16 years of age at the time of Richard’s daughter, Ann Smith Brooks’ date of birth in 1770 in Virginia.  It is possible Ann Smith Brooks’ mother was someone other than Ann. It is also possible her mother’s maiden name was Smith, for whom she was named after.

Richard’s will was written in October of 1789 and proved in January of 1790.  His Wife, Ann Brooks’ will was written March 4, 1806 and was proved in January court of 1809.  In her will, she listed her 9 grandchildren, 6 of whom were the children of her son William Bird Brooks and 3 of whom were children of her daughter Frances A (Brooks) Sheppard. Her son in law, Solomon Graves (married to Ann Smith Brooks) was listed as executor. Ann Smith Brooks Graves must have died prior to her mother writing her will in 1806 since she was not listed as an heir (or she was not the daughter of Ann).

Richard and Ann Brooks’ son William Bird Brooks settled in Giles County, Tennessee after his parents died. He was married to Sarah Paine in Person County, North Carolina.

Richard and Ann Brooks’ daughter Frances Armistead Brooks Sheppard removed to Butler County, Alabama where she died about 1860.

Richard Brooks was probably the brother of Thomas Brooks and son of Jonathan Brooks of Gloucester County, Virginia.  I believe Richard’s brother, Thomas Brooks, and his wife, Mary Blacknall, were the parents of my ancestor, Christopher Brooks (1755-1781), along with his siblings, Sarah/Sallie Brooks Holderness, Charles H Brooks, Thomas Brooks Jr., George Brooks and possibly Mary and Jonathan Brooks.

Caswell Co NC Wills – BROOKS

The following original wills are housed at the North Carolina State Archives in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The collection title is “Caswell County, North Carolina Series of Original Wills, 1771-1927″ and the call number is C.R. 020.801.1. The Brooks family wills were contained in the first box of the series (no. 1).  There might have been more Brooks family wills contained in the box written after 1900. I only inventoried those wills written before 1900 (on 10/25/2008).

  1. Richard Brookes, dated 1790 (wife Ann)
  2. Ann Brooks, dated 1808 (wife of Richard)
  3. Thomas Brooks, dated 1855 (wife Martha)

The will of Richard Brookes was recorded in Caswell County, North Carolina Will Book B, p. 321.  This will was abstracted in Katherine Kerr Kendall’s book “Caswell County, North Carolina will books, 1777-1814″ on page 30. (See entry below)


The abstract reads the following:

Richard Brooks (spelled Brookes on original) [actually the "e" is crossed out on the original that I looked at in 2008] – Will – w. 3 Oct 1789. Wife Ann; 4 youngest children William Bird Brooks (under 21), Betsy Brooks, Frances Armstead Brooks, John Brooks; daughter Ann Smith Graves; Exec: wife Ann and son in law Solomon Graves. Wit: W. F. Smith, Israel Barker.

The will of Ann Brooks was recorded in Caswell County, North Carolina Will Book E, p. 379.  This will was abstracted in Katherine Kerr Kendall’s book “Caswell County, North Carolina will books, 1777-1814″ on page 109. (See entry below)


The abstract reads the following:

Ann Brooks – Will – w. 4 Mar 1806. Son William B. Brooks; 9 grandchildren: Wm B. Brooks sons John, Robert, & William and daughters Betsy, Ann, and Joanna; Frances A. Sheppard’s daughters Ann, Betsy, and Polley.  Exec:  son Wm B. Brooks. Wit:  Sol Graves, S. Graves, John L. Graves.

The will of Thomas Brooks includes the following:

Thomas Brooks – Will – written 31 Mar 1855
Wife: Martha Brooks
Children: son William Brooks (under 21), daughters Nicy and Mary Ann.
Exec: Wife Martha Brooks
Wits: Charles G Russell and Byrd D Paylor

There was no estate folder for Richard Brookes at the archives. There are, however, estate folders for the Thomas and Ann Brooks listed above.



  1. To copy, scan, and transcribe the wills of Richard, Ann, and Thomas Brooks of Caswell Co., NC from the Archives

- Update 10/25/08:  These 3 wills were copied by the Archives.

-  Update 4/2/09: Wills were scanned into my computer and info entered into my genealogy software.

-  Update 9/7/2010:  The wills of Richard, Ann, and Thomas Brook(e)s were scanned, transcribed and uploaded to this blog.

  1. To copy, scan, and transcribe the estate records of Ann and Thomas Brooks of Caswell Co., NC from the Archives


  1. Caswell County, North Carolina Series of Original Wills, 1771-1927, C.R. 020.801.1, North Carolina State Archives.
  2. Katherine Kerr Kendall, Caswell County, North Carolina will books 1777-1814. 1784 tax list. guardians’ accounts 1794-1819 and Caswell County North Carolina will books 1814-1843. guardians’ accounts 1819-1847. 1850 & 1860 census mortality schedules powers of attorney from deed books 1777-1880, can be searched online at ancestry.com.

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Jeremiah Brooks of Caswell Co., NC

Caswell County, North Carolina references to Jeremiah Brooks:

There were two Jeremiah Brooks men living in Caswell and Person Counties, North Carolina.  There was an older Jeremiah Brooks living in Caswell County who was born before 1756 according to the 1777 tax lists of Caswell County, NC. A younger Jeremiah Brooks lived in Person County, North Carolina. He was born about 1773. There might have been a third Jeremiah Brooks living also in Caswell County, North Carolina who was the same age as the Person County man.  The records I have for Jeremiah Brooks in Caswell County, NC do not indicate his exact age, with the exception of the 1777 tax list which is the first record I found for Jeremiah Brooks of Caswell County, NC; however, they do all support him being born between 1756 and 1774.  The last record I found for Jeremiah Brooks in Caswell County was the 1800 Caswell County census report. This Jeremiah Brooks was born between 1756 and 1774.  Click on this previous post to read about the Person County Jeremiah Brooks. He was also enumerated on the 1800 Person Co., NC Census report, and he was born between 1756 and 1774.  Scroll down below to see Caswell County records of Jeremiah Brooks.  He was not enumerated on the 1790 Caswell Co., NC census report, he did not write a will and there are no estate files on record for him in Caswell Co., NC.


Caswell County North Carolina List of Taxables, 1777:

Glouster District: Jeremiah Brooks, 126 acres, 4 wp, 6 bp

This is probably not the same Jeremiah Brooks of Person Co., NC who was born in 1773; he would not be old enough to be taxed in 1777 (had to be at least 21 to be taxed, putting his birthdate around 1756).


Caswell Co Will Book C, p. 164, July Court 1796, Sales estate of John Shearman 10 Nov 1795. By Pemberton Burch, adm. Sales to: Drury Clark, Mrs. Shearman, William Wallis, Jeremiah Brooks, John Burch, William Gallaugher, John Christenbury, Willson Jones, Joseph Neeley, Will Hews. (Kendall’s Abstracts, Caswell Co Will Books, 1777-1814, p. 51)


Caswell Co Will Book C, p. 423, January court 1800: Sale estate of George Farley by H. Burton and Catharine Farley, exec. Buyers: … Jeremiah Brooks … (Kendall’s Abstracts, Caswell Co Will Books, 1777-1814, p. 67)

Caswell Co Deed Book L p. 247, 26 Apr 1800, Henry McMullen of Caswell Co to son John McMullen, for good maintenance of Henry and wife, all lands whereon he now lives. Witnesses: Thos Neely & Jeremiah Brookes. (Kendall’s Abstracts, Caswell Co Deed Books, 1777-1817, p. 207).

1800 Caswell Co., NC Census Report: Jera Brooks, p. 117, there was 1m < 10, 1m 16-25, 1m 26-44, 2f < 10, & 2f 16-25; + 0 slaves; Assuming Jeremiah is the oldest male, he was born between 1756-1774. If he is the same Jeremiah listed on the Caswell county 1777 tax list (who had to have been at least 21 years old to be taxed, therefore born before 1756), then he was born probably in 1756; However, this could also be the same Jeremiah Brooks who settled in Person County, North Carolina who was born about 1773. This is the only census report Jeremiah Brooks was on in Caswell Co., NC.

Update 4/23/2010: I did finally find the 1800 census report for Person Co., NC. There was a Jeremiah Brooks listed on it and he was born between 1756-1774.



Kendall, K. K. (1981). Caswell County, North Carolina will books 1777-1814 1784 tax list guardians’ accounts 1794-1819 and Caswell County North Carolina will books 1814-1843 guardians’ accounts 1819-1847 1850 & 1860 census mortality schedules powers of attorney from deed books 1777-1880. Baltimore, MD: Clearfield. (Searchable online at ancestry.com)

Kendall, K. K. (1989). Caswell County, North Carolina, deed books, 1777-1817: Abstracts. Easley, S.C.: Southern Historical Press.

North Carolina State Archives, Caswell County, North Carolina List of Taxables for 1777, 1780, & 1784, microfilm, Call No. 020.70001.

Two George Brooks Men of Caswell County

Tonight I consolidated 3 separate documents I have relating the story of at least 3 George Brooks men – two younger and one elder men.  The individual family tree maker database files for the two younger George Brooks men, the Brooks Family Will Books.doc, and the George Brooks.doc files were consolidated into one main document – “George Brooks.doc”.

I have information stored in multiple locations for two reasons: 1. if I lose one file, that information is stored in a second location; 2. One of the files is simply all about any men named George, with some explanation of the different men. The other file is all about ALL men named Brooks. I use this one so I can see relationships between the individuals and their family members.

I have included an introduction below to the two young George Brooks men of Caswell County. I hope to post my completed files to this blog some day. However, most of my preliminary information was taken from Will and Deed book abstracts by Katherine Kerr Kendall and need to be verified with original documents obtained at the State Archives.  The Caswell County Will Books can be searched online at ancestry.com; The deed book abstracts (1777-1817) and (1817-1840) can be found at the North Carolina Olivia Raney Historical Library in Raleigh, NC.
There were two “younger” George Brooks men living in Caswell co., NC in the early 1800s. They were first cousins: 

1.  George son of Jonathan (and Ann Lewis), born abt 1790 (according to the 1830 Caswell Co census report); Married Sarah?

2.  George son of Charles (and Sarah), born 1787. He moved to Stokes Co., NC in 1820 after marrying Elizabeth Courts, also from Caswell Co., NC (1820 Stokes Co census report). George and his wife Elizabeth Brooks of Stokes Co. sold 206 acres of land on waters of Hogan’s creek in Caswell Co., NC to Obadiah Nunally on 25 June 1820. This George administered his father’s estate in Caswell Co., NC in 1816 before removing to Stokes Co., NC. I believe his mother Sarah remained in Caswell Co., NC. There was an estate record for a Sarah Brooks in Jan 1841, Caswell Co., NC. I believe this to be the widow of Charles and mother of George who removed to Stokes County. George administered her account in 1841-1843. It was a significant account, therefore I believe Sarah to have been a widow. It is possible this Sarah was the wife of George, son of Jonathan; but I don’t believe it plausible because this deceased had such a considerable estate. Additionally, there was an elder Sarah Brooks who was tracked on the Caswell County census reports prior to this estate record who fit in as the deceased in these estate records. I have included below all deed and will book entries for both George Brooks and have noted to which George they refer if known. All entries have been included in both George Brooks’ family tree files.

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An Elder George Brooks – Caswell Co., NC

An Account of an original Caswell County, NC settler, George Brooks and his possible relation to my ancestor, Christopher Williams Brooks: (excerpted from the George Brooks.doc file)

Caswell County, NC Tax Records, 1777:
Glouster District, George Brooks, 650 Acres, 7 wp, 0 bp
- Where did this 650 acres come from? I did not see a land grant in Caswell, Orange, or Granville County, NC Land Grants. Maybe he bought it from someone in Orange County? Or it came from Lord or Earl Granville? (Caswell Co was formed from Orange Co in 1777)


North Carolina Land Grant, 1779, File no. 444
: George Brooks, 300 acres, Entry no. 622 entered 11 Jan 1779; Grant no. 605, issued 13 Oct 1783; Book 53, p. 25; Located on the Middle fork of the South Fork of Country Line Creek

Deed book A, page 144, 1779: State of NC – No. 57, to Elisha Parks, 300 acres on both sides of middle fork of south fork of Country Line Cr adjacent claims of Samuel Kelly, William Gooch, George Brooks, John Anthony, Elijah Mason. 3 May 1779. chain carriers John Anthony, Ransom Atkinson. (Abstracts, p. 9) This 300 acres of land was then sold by Elisha Parks to Thomas Johnston of Culpepper Co (see below). [Note: this was probably taken in March; The date of May was probably a mistake by the abstractor. Subsequent deed information continues to be dated in March.  Source: Caswell Co., NC Deed Books, 1777-1817, Abstracts, Katherine Kerr Kendall, p.9. (Can be found at the Olivia Raney Historical Library, Raleigh, NC)

Deed book A, page 175, 1779: State of NC No. 66 to Henry Williams, 216 acres on branches Shaws, Toms and Stoney Creeks adj William Brown, claims of Arthur Lovings, John Brothers. 3 Mar 1779. chain carriers Wm. Brown and Geo Brooks Jun. (Abstracts, p. 11)

Deed book A, page 296, 1779: Elisha Parks of Caswell Co., NC to Thomas Johnston of Culpepper Co., VA for 1000 lbs, 300 acres on middle fork of Country line Creek adj claims of Samuel Kelly and William Gooch, John Anthony, George Brooks, claim of Elijah Mason, said land granted by NC to Parks 3 Mar 1779 adknowledged. (Abstracts, p. 18 )

These deeds provide evidence that there was another older George Brooks who lived in Caswell Co in 1779; since he owned land, he was born at least before 1758 (had to be 21 to own land). Could this be the George Brooks who heired land that he received as a Revolutionary soldier in TN to Christopher Williams Brooks? There was no George Brooks on the 1790 or 1800 Caswell Co., NC census report, so either he died or he moved. (Probably he died because he heired the land to Christopher). The next George is not enumerated until 1830 in Caswell co., NC. He was the son of Jonathan and Ann Lewis Brooks (According to Kay Haden…Charles and Sally Brooks’ son George moved to Stokes/Forsynth Co., NC). There are no George Brooks men in the Person Co deed book (1792-1825) or census reports either. 

Could this be George Brooks, son of Thomas and Mary Blacknall Brooks, born 8 May 1757 in Gloucester Co., VA (Kingston Parish Registry)?

Look for references to this George Brooks as a soldier in the American Revolution. Did not have a pension because he probably died prior to the law passed by Congress.

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Kendall, K. K. (1989). Caswell County, North Carolina, deed books, 1777-1817: abstracts. Easley, S.C.: Southern Historical Press. (Can be found at the Olivia Raney Historical Library, Raleigh, NC)

Secretary of State Land Grant Office, Warrants, Plats, etc

Jeremiah Brooks

A few weeks ago, I engaged in a message board discussion with JackieSBrooks about Jeremiah Brooks of Person County, North Carolina. I have a Jeremiah Brooks from Caswell Co., NC in my files. JackieSBrooks has a Jeremiah Brooks from Person Co., NC in her files. We shared information and determined that these were probably two different Jeremiah Brooks’.

I updated my Jeremiah Brooks.doc file today with information I learned from our message board discussion posts. Although her Jeremiah moved to Person Co., NC, some of his descendants, including Jackie’s husband, ended up in AR as well as my Brooks family. It would be nice to find some connection between these two families.

I have started a series of posts outlining each man. They are: Jeremiah Brooks of Caswell County, North Carolina, and Jeremiah Brooks of Person County, North Carolina.

Follow Up on Brooks research

Ok, so this is proof of my digressions! I was working on the Brooks and Williams families before I went on vacation and since I got back I’ve opened a whole can of worms on the other side of my family! So now I have several working documents that I would like to get back to pertaining to my BROOKS line:

  • Christopher BROOKS- I have updated my files with the information I got from the Kingston Parish Records of Gloucester Co., VA; including information on the FLIPPIN family.
  • I have yet to review the pdf file on Jonathan BROOKS, the supposed progenitor of Christopher, via Thomas Brooks, that was sent to me by a Holderness family researcher, Kay Haden.
  • I copied all the WILLIAMS family estate and will records from the archives and still have yet to review and transcribe them. - Update: Estate records of Elizabeth Williams (1) and (2) were transcribed and posted to the blog here
  • I had some ongoing communication with fellow researchers of the Jeremiah Brooks family; Their Jeremiah Brooks settled in Person Co., NC. I learned some interesting things from these posts on the Brooks family ancestry.com board.

Flippin – Brooks NC Connections

In an earlier post, I noted that a Dorothy Brookes married Thomas Flippin, 1769, Gloucester Co., VA. They had 3 known children, – Armistead (b. 1770), Jenny (b. 1775), and Thomas Flippin (b. 1773) – who were born in Gloucester Co., VA. and recorded in the Kingston Parish Registry.

Although Dorothy Brooks’ parents are not known by me at this time, I believe she is connected to one of the Thomas Brooks families of Gloucester Co., VA and Caswell Co., NC.

The following are Brooks – Flippin references from Caswell Co., NC:

April court 1790 – Henry Flippin, orphan of Thomas Flippin, late of Gloucester Co., VA, chose Thomas Brooks Sen. to be his guardian. Thomas Brooks Jun, attorney, was appointed power of attorney to demand and receive all negroes, money, etc. due said orphan from the estate.

January Court, 1794 – Armistead Flippin reported the inventory of the estate of Thomas Brooks, dec’d.

April Court 1795 – Armistead Flippin purchased items and reported on the sale of items from Thomas Brooks’ estate (co-admin. Jane Brooks)

[Note: I am not sure if the Thomas Brooks estates in 1794 and 1795 are for the same person because Jane is only mentioned as co-admin on the later one - To Do: Copy and review estate file of Thomas Brooks, 1794, Caswell Co., NC]

April Court 1798 – Jane Brooks and Armistead Flippin produced an account settlement for the estate of Thomas Brooks, Jun. (listed payments to persons)

Note GS 5/18/07: It is possible that Jane Brooks was the wife of Thomas Brooks and she administered his estate along with Armistead Flippin. Jane was probaby “Jenny” Flippin from the Gloucester Co., VA Kingston Parish Registry, daughter of Thomas Flippin and Dorothy Brookes, born Feb 10, 1775. Kay Haden (khaden at comcast dot net) included this information in the pdf file she sent to me on 5/17/07 on Jonathan Brooks. In her file, she listed Thomas Brooks Jr married Jane “Jenny” Flippin 16 Feb 1791 in Caswell Co., NC. She cited W. Leigh Brooks and IGI as her sources for this information.

Additional Flippin family references in Caswell Co., are:

Janurary court 1804 – Armistead Flippin is allowed to keep 1 negro named John from the estate of Henry Dixon Jr; The legatees “agreed he shall keep for his share of estate.”

Note: Armistead Flippin must be connected to the Dixon family somehow to receive items from his estate.

In 1808, Samuel Flippin purchased items from the estate of Phillip Cox.


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