Wordless Wednesday – The Hill Girls

I found these photos among my great grandmother’s photos. My great grandmother was Blanche Kathryne Hill Binns. She was the daughter of Nathaniel “Gus” Gustaves Hill and Jessie Barton. Blanche had 4 other sisters, Jo Hill, Nora Lee Hill, Doris Hill, and Inez Hill. They were from Dierks, Arkansas.

Photos of the Hill Girls privately held by Barbara Smith, Fort Smith, AR. Digitized by Ginger R. Smith, 2005.

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Funeral Card Friday: Van C Binns

Van C Binns Rememberance Card 2

Funeral Card of Dr. Van C. Binns, front and back cover with services through the Stephenson-Dearman Funeral Home in Monticello, Arkansas and the Twenty-Third Psalm on the back page. Privately held by Barbara Smith, Fort Smith, Arkansas, digitized by Ginger R. Smith, May 2006.

Van C Binns Rememberance Card 1

Funeral Card of Dr. Van C. Binns, inside covers with Funeral Services and Obituary. Privately held by Barbara Smith, Fort Smith, Arkansas, digitized by Ginger R. Smith, May 2006.

Funeral services and burial arrangements to be held at Stephenson-Dearman Funeral Chapel in Monticello, Arkansas with Rev. Dennis Doson and Rev. Mike Qualls Officiating
Tuesday, July 10, 1990 at 4:00 pm
Burial in Oakland Cemetery in Monticello, Arkansas
“Active” Pallbearers:
Buddy Binns
John Paul Binns
Charles Hogue
Zach Binns
Don Hogue
William Lee Hogue
“Honorary” Pallbearers:
First Baptist Church Deacons
Dr. Van C. Binns was born July 11, 1905 in Drew County, AR. He departed this life Sunday, July 8, 1990 at the Drew Memorial Hospital in Monticello, AR at the age of 84 years. He was  a graduate of the University of Arkansas School of Medicine, served his internship in Boston, MA and New York and served his residency in New York. He has served the Monticello and Pine Bluff area 55 years. He was a member of the 50 Year Doctor’s Club of Arkansas, the American Medical Assn. and the Arkansas Medical Society. He was a U.S. Army Veteran of World War II and a member of the First Baptist Church where he served as Deacon for many years. Survivors include his wife Evelyn Hogue Binns of Monticello.


Van C. Binns was the older brother of my Great-Grandfather John Brooks Binns.  He was one of the ones who stayed close to home after he became a doctor and fought in the war, running his medical practice in his hometown in Monticello until he died.  He was married to Evelyn Hogue and they had no children.

Van C Binns-Younger

Clipping of Dr. Van C Binns, privately held by Barbara Smith, Fort Smith, Arkansas, digitized by Ginger R. Smith, May 2006

Van C Binns Older

Clipping of Dr. Van C Binns from his Obituary privately held by Barbara Smith, Fort Smith, Arkansas, digitized by Ginger R. Smith, May 2006

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Tombstone Tuesday – Milton A Binns

Milton A Binns Gravemarker

Gravemarker of Milton A Binns buried in Buelah Cemetery in Monticello, Drew Co., AR. Photo taken by James Lamar Baker, date unknown, sent to me by Pat Sheldon (Pat and James are both descendants of Burwell and Lucinda).

BORN AUG. 30, 1836
DIED NOV. 11, 1896″

Milton A Binns was my 3rd Great-Grandfather. He was born August 30, 1836 in Georgia to Burwell and Lucinda Phelps Binns (also buried in Beulah Cemetery – see their gravemarker here). He moved to Arkansas in 1857, but returned to Georgia in 1858 (to marry his wife). He married Susan Ann Dupree, November 10, 1959 in Georgia. They returned to Arkansas and had 11 children. Milton was a prominent farmer and resident of Lacy, Arkansas. He was written about in Goodspeed’s “Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas” of 1890. He was a Mason. He died November 11, 1896 and was buried in Beulah Cemetery along with parents and several children and grandchildren.

Treasure Chest Thursday: Perthinia Brooks Binns Obituary

I am following along with Randy Seaver’s blog theme of Treasure Chest Thursday in which I post items of genealogical value and interest every Thursday.

This week’s item of interest is a newspaper clipping of my 2nd great-grandmother Perthinia Brooks Binns‘ obituary that I found in my great grandmother’s memory book (Privately held by my grandmother, Barbara Smith, Fort Smith, Arkansas). There was no date or name of newspaper written on the clipping, however, I do know that “Pert” died November 3, 1942 in Monticello, Arkansas. According to the Library of Congress’ Catalog, the newspaper in circulation in Monticello at that time was the Advance-Monticellonian (1920-current).

Perthina (Brooks) Binns Obituary 1942

Perthina (Brooks) Binns Obituary 1942

Death cut short by five days the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Mr.and Mrs John Milton Binns of Monticello. Mrs. Binns had been seriosly sick in the hospital for several days and death came Tuesday afternoon about four o’clock.
Next Monday, November 9, Mr and Mrs Binns would have been married fifty years. Elaborate plans for the celebration that had been made by the children were canceled when she was taken seriously sick.
Mrs. Binns was the daughter of Colonel and Mrs. I. L. Brooks prominent pioneer Drew County citizen. She was born in Monticello, April 12, 1873 in a house where the Christian Science Church now stands, and had lived here all of her life.
Mrs. Binns was a devoted member of the Baptist Church and was an admirable woman. Her life centered around her family, her church and her friends. Despite years of semi-invalidism she managed to keep a bright and cheerful outlook on life and she remained a source of pleasure to her family.
Surviving besides her husband are seven children, Roy Milton of Monticello, James Howard of Little Rock, John Brooks of Fort smith,Capt. Van C. Binns in foreign service, Byron Zack, flight surgeon of Lubbock, Texas; Mrs. W. C. Brashears of Clifton, Texas and Mrs. W. F.Whitaker of Eudora.
Funeral services will be held this Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock at the chapel of the Stephenson Funeral Home conducted by Dr. T. W. Croxton and Rev. C. D. Wood. Funeral will be in Oakland cemetery.”

Had Pert lived another 5 days the family would have been celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. She married her husband, John Milton Binns in Drew County, Arkansas, November 10, 1892, and she was buried November 10, 1942. As it turned out, Pert’s husband lived another 19 years, enough to celebrate his 90th birthday!

Pert’s father, Colonel Iverson Lee Brooks, was from Caswell County, North Carolina, her mother, Bettie Lee, from Tennessee. Although I have a picture of Pert’s mother Bettie, I don’t believe I’ve located a picture of Pert yet.

Wordless Wednesday – John M Binns’ 90th Birthday Party

John M Binns 90th Birthday

Group photo of John Milton Binns' 90th Birthday Party taken January 1958 in Monticello, AR. Privately held by Barbara Smith, Fort Smith, AR. Digitized by Ginger R. Smith, 2005.

From Left to Right:
Back row:
Verline (Binns) Raney (dau of Howard Binns)
James Howard Binns (son of John Milton Binns)
Dovie (Stewart) Binns (wife of Howard)
Van Carl Binns (son of John Milton Binns)
Evelyn (Hogue) Binns (wife of Van)
Bill Brashears (Husb of Rubye Binns)
Rubye (Binns) Brashears (dau of John Milton Binns)
Beverly Binns (Dau of Byron Binns)
Byron Zack Binns Sr (son of John Milton Binns)
Pauline (Berry) Binns (wife of Byron Binns)
John Brooks Binns (son of John Milton Binns)
Barbara Jo Binns (dau of John B Binns)
Blanche (Hill) Binns (wife of John Binns)
Judy Whittaker (dau of Lura Binns)
Unknown (boyfriend of Judy Whittaker)
Lura M (Binns) Whittaker (dau of John Milton Binns)
Willifred Whittaker (husb of Lura Binns)

From Left to Right:
Front row:

A Raney Boy (Jeff or Glenn)
John Milton Binns – The Birthday Boy (Son of Milton A. & Susan Dupree Binns
Lou Ellen Binns (dau of Byron Binns)
John Paul Binns (son of Byron Binns)
Byron Zack Binns, Jr (son of Byron Binns)
Diane Whittaker (dau of Lura Binns)

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Tombstone Tuesday: Eula (Brooks) Binns

Gravemarker of Eula L Binns, buried in Oakland Cemetery in Monticello, Arkansas. Date taken unknown. Photo is privately held by Eula Binns' granddaughter, Barbara (Binns) Smith of Fort Smith, Arkansas. Photo was scanned and digitized by Ginger R Smith, November 2008.

Eula L “Pert” (Brooks) Binns was my great-great grandmother. She was born April 12, 1873 in Monticello, Arkansas and died November 3 1942 in Monticello, Arkansas, just one week shy of her 50th wedding anniversary. She married John Milton Binns November 10, 1892.
Pert Brooks was the daughter of Colonel Iverson L Brooks from Caswell County, North Carolina and his wife Elizabeth “Bettie” Lee of Tennessee. She had lived in Monticello her entire life.

Tombstone Tuesday: John Milton Binns

Gravemarker of John Milton Binns, buried in Oakland Cemetery in Monticello, Arkansas. Photo includes his son John Brooks Binns, date taken unknown. Photo is privately held by John Milton Binns' granddaughter, Barbara (Binns) Smith of Fort Smith, Arkansas. Photo was scanned and digitized by Ginger R Smith, November 2008.

John Milton Binns was my great-great grandfather. He was born January 17, 1868 in Arkansas and died October 8, 1961 in his home in Monticello, Arkansas. He married Perthinia Brooks November 10, 1892. She died November 3, 1942, just one week before they were to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Using Google maps to view previous residences of my great-granparents Binns

John and Blanche Binns

This is a map of where my great grandparents, John and Blanche (Hill) Binns, lived in Fort Smith, Arkansas in the 1940s and 50s until they died in the 80s and 90s.

The Red pin is located at 1401 N. 19th Street (intersects N. L Street).  This is the house that John Binns bought in 1943 and raised their 3 children in. John and Blanche Binns lived in this house until they died. John also owned the house behind and beside his house.  I have included a picture of the house below:

1401 N 19th Street - John and Blanche's first house

The Blue pin is located at 815 N. 16th Street, which was John and Blanche’s first address in Fort Smith and where they lived according to the 1938 City Directory. My grandmother and her two sisters lived there. This house was torn down and now the Tilles Elementary School is here at this address:

815 N 16th - Tillis Elementary School

According to the Tilles Elementary School website, it was built in 1982 and it replaced the Duval School, which had been located at 1200 North 14th Street, and was the 2nd oldest (1888) school in town. My grandmother and her two sisters went to elementary school at Duval which was a block and a half from this house (on 815 N. 16th Street). The Duval School was located on the map at 1200 N 14th Street where the blue bus push pin is. It was torn down prior to Tillis being built. Here is a picture of where the Duval School once stood – right-hand side of the street where the new houses were built. According to my grandmother, the run down brick house picture on the left was there when she went to the Duval School in the 40s.  It is still standing today.

1200 N 14th - Former site of Duval Elementary School

These pictures were copied from Google Maps September 2, 2009 and May 2, 2010.

John Brooks Binns (1910 – 1989)


John Brooks Binns 1910-1989

John Brooks Binns was one of my paternal great-grandfathers.  He was born March 20th, 1910 in Monticello (Drew County), Arkansas to John Milton Binns and Perthenia Brooks.

On August 19th, 1934, he married the love of his life and my great-grandmother, Blanche Kathryne Hill in Longview, Texas.  They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in Fort Smith, (Sebastian County) Arkansas in 1984.

John Binns and his wife Blanche were school teachers in Alma, Arkansas.  They had three daughters together. John had blonde hair and blue eyes and was approximately 6 feet tall.  He cherished all his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  He was a hugger. I remember he used to squeeze me so tight I couldn’t breathe!  He played football in high school and college. He attended Monticello A&M College in the early 1930s. He was president of the college Press Club and well-liked by his peers.

John Brooks Binns died December 10, 1989 in Fort Smith, (Sebastian County) Arkansas.  He was buried in Roselawn Cemetery, Fort Smith, (Sebastian County) Arkansas.  His wife Blanche (Hill) Binns died December 27th, 1992 and was buried beside him in Roselawn Cemetery.

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Our Godwin DNA Test Results

This is a letter I sent out to all of the descendants of Elijah Godwin (1801-1884):

Update on my grandfather’s Godwin DNA test (to the descendants of Elijah Godwin):
As you know back in Nov my grandfather, Larry Godwin, submitted his DNA to the Goodwin/Godwin DNA Surname Project. I just wanted to remind everyone that all of the descendants of Elijah Godwin are represented by his DNA test. You do NOT have to submit your own test because if you are a Godwin male, then you will have the same exact y-chromosomal DNA as he does! Y-chromosomal DNA is what is passed from father to son each generation. Each family has its own set of mutations that occur that also get passed from generation to generation – these mutations are tested and recorded by companies like family tree DNA and they distinguish between family lines.
My grandfather’s 25-marker DNA test was a 100% match to the DNA of the FIRST group of Godwins in the results table http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/goodwin/results. Our ID number is G-43

Group 1
G-4   Descendant of David Godwin b. c1740 of Bladen Co., NC
G-29 Descendant of Samuel Godwin b. c1742 of Johnston Co., NC
G-30 Descendant of Thomas Godwin b. c1745 of Johnston Co., NC
G-32 Descendant of Thomas Godwin b. c1745 of Johnston Co., NC
G-34 Descendant of Nathan Godwin b. c1807 NC (possible grandson of Nathan b.
c1760 of Sampson Co., NC thru his son Jonathan)
G-8   Descendant of Alexander Godwin b. c1795 NC d. 1881 St. Clair, AL
G-43 Descendant of Elijah Godwin b. 1805 NC d. 1884 Lawrence Co., AR

For a 25 marker test match, there is a 90% probability that the descendants of Elijah Godwin share a common ancestor in the last 10 generations with the other 5 lines above.

Elijah is the last known ancestor we can prove to be descended from. It is my belief that Elijah was the son of Nathan Godwin who was the son of Jonathan Godwin, b. 1740, md. Rachel Bullard, however this is widely disbelieved by other Godwin researchers.

So now all we have to do is try to find paper trails of familial connections with these other 5 Godwin lines of NC.

There is one other Godwin who submitted a 37-marker test to this project. My grandfather can upgrade his test to a 37 marker test and compare against the other Godwin to tighten the window of relationship. If the two 37-marker tests come back with a 100% match, then there is a 95% chance we share a common ancestor in the last 7 generations, 90% chance it is within the last 5 generations and 50% that it is within the last 2-3 generations.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

We are still looking for descendants of Wilkinson, Dred, and Wilson Ulysses Godwin to participate in the surname project to see if we can connect them to our line.


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