WILLIAMS family (Caswell Co., NC)

Last week I combed through some more WILLIAMS family entries in Katherine Kerr Kendall’s Abstract of Caswell County, NC Will Books, 1777-1843 that is posted online at ancestry.com. I found some correlations between my Henry Williams and his brother James Williams. Henry Williams administered the estate of James Williams who wrote his will in 1780 in Caswell Co., NC, having sought refuge from his home town of 96th District, SC.
Evidently this James Williams was a pretty famous Colonel in the Revolutionary War. Colonel James Williams died at the battle of King’s Mountain, Oct 1780 and is buried in Gaffney, SC.
I ordered the book “James Williams: An American Patriot in the Carolina Backcountry” by William Graves hoping to learn more about his family to see if he really was a brother to my Henry Williams.


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  1. my line is;
    nathaniel williams 1712-1763
    wed elizabeth washington
    daniel williams 1710-1759
    wed 1732 ursula henderson [brother of my nathaniel sr.
    daniel’s descendants moved to benton co.,al now called
    calhoun co.,al i live in this county one descendant
    was dr. s c williams first mayor of oxford,al]

  2. My family reseach leads me to Henry Williams. My Grandmother was Flora Williams, daughter of Blake T Williams,Blake T Williams was the Son of William Day Williams, who was the the son of Natham Williams, Nathan Williams was a son of Henry Williams and Elizabeth (Polly) Gooch Duke. I think Henry is our ancestor.
    Clyda Mae Dehn

    • Hi Clyda, thanks so much for writing! I have never been able to clearly define which records belonged to which Nathan/Nathaniel Williams to know which one was Henry’s son. I descend from Nathan’s sister Susannah who married first to Christopher Brooks, then 2nd to William Rice.

  3. My great grandfather was John Caswell Williams I and is buried at Gold Rock NC. He was married to a Sarah/Sally Stokes who is also buried there. His younger son, Henry Whitaker Williams was my grandfather and one of his sons, Herbert E. Williams was my father. I have been successful in finding out the parentage of John C. Williams I but do know that the original immigrant was from Wales. Have some leads but no concrete answer. Could anyone help me with this?

  4. Actually, I have been UNSUCCESSFUL in finding out the parentage of John C. Williams I. I’m 75 so time is running out for me to put this puzzle together.

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