Jeremiah Brooks

A few weeks ago, I engaged in a message board discussion with JackieSBrooks about Jeremiah Brooks of Person County, North Carolina. I have a Jeremiah Brooks from Caswell Co., NC in my files. JackieSBrooks has a Jeremiah Brooks from Person Co., NC in her files. We shared information and determined that these were probably two different Jeremiah Brooks’.

I updated my Jeremiah Brooks.doc file today with information I learned from our message board discussion posts. Although her Jeremiah moved to Person Co., NC, some of his descendants, including Jackie’s husband, ended up in AR as well as my Brooks family. It would be nice to find some connection between these two families.

I have started a series of posts outlining each man. They are: Jeremiah Brooks of Caswell County, North Carolina, and Jeremiah Brooks of Person County, North Carolina.


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  1. Hey,

    My great great gma was Mary Susan Brooks d of SG Brooks and I think linking back to Jeremiah. All in area of Orange/Person Co. NC. We know nothing about our Brooks family. I am just looking for info about them. We have a family cemetery plot in Person where she and her husband William H. Anderson are buried. There are some other undecipherable graves also if I remember correctly. I grew up in Orange Co., but I live in S. Fl now and it is impossible for me to immerse myself into this stuff from here. Thank you for posting your work and findings.

  2. I have the will of jerimiah brooks in NC 1700’s – could be the same

  3. Hello again. We are no further forward in finding our Jeremiah Brooks (b 1773) parents, but I wonder if the elder Jeremiah may have been either his father or an uncle.

    Looking at your notes on witnesses of various Deeds, I saw the name Thomas Neeley (26 April 1800, Caswell Co Deed Book), our Jeremiah’s daughter Susan (b 1811) married a Neeley, no first name available unfortunately. In 1817 in the Person County Deed Book, a Jesse Bradsher was named as a witness, Jeremiah’s daughter Nancy, born 1798, married James Oliver Bradsher, and they had a son, Joseph Bradsher. I imagine all these people are related, I just wish we could get past the stubborn stone wall of Jeremiah’s parentage.

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