My work was published without my permission or acknowledgment!

This weekend I had about 4 hours to work on my genealogy stuff. I was going through some online rootsweb files and I saw that someone had posted information that I had provided to her and did not acknowledge my work. She posted that Nathan Godwin was the father of Elijah Godwin of North Carolina. There are many descendants working on this line and none of them have ever tried to look past Elijah to find his parents. I’ve been working for 2 years on trying to prove who his parents were. And I’ve shared information on the Godwin-Whitlow website hoping to get feedback from folks. Unfortunately, even though the owner of the site has explicitly reminded people NOT to post other people’s information without their permission first, I’m still finding my information posted to the world. I’m not ready to have this information posted and even if I were, I would want to post it myself. So I spent this weekend updating my files, trying to get them presentable to post to the rootsweb worldconnect project for others to view. I like that people are able to post their family trees and that they are backed up on a secure server, but many people don’t put their sources up and that’s frustrating. What good is having the information if you can’t back it up with sources? And then on top of all this, she didn’t even acknowledge my work!