The Will of William Williams, Granville Co., NC (1763)

Williams, William–wills to son Charles Williams 250 acres of land on south side of Tarr river, also my part of the wagon and the two horses belonging to the wagon, a feather bed and furniture; to son Stephen Williams, plantation whereon I now live containing the 143 acres on north side of Tarr river and a feather bed and furniture, a horse and my saddle; to daughter Lucy Pitman, wife of Samuel Pitman, 5 shillings; my wife Elizabeth to have use of plantation and dwelling house whereon I now live for as long as she is my widow or for life and at her death, the land to go to the aforesaid Stephen Williams; the movable property divided between Charles and Stephen Williams.

Exrs: my son Charles Williams and friend Francis Fowler

Wts: John Williams, John Morris

Source: Abstracts Of Granville County, NC, Unrecorded wills, 1746-1771, by Zae Gwynn
Page 66-April 3, 1763–proved Feb. 1765

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3 Responses

  1. I am in the DAR’s having my ancestor as Rev. Samuel
    Pittman. I have only learned recently that his wife
    Lucy family’s name was Williams. That her father was
    William Williams and his wife was Elizabeth. Do you
    know about the father and mother to Lucy. I would appreciate knowing more.
    thank you,

  2. Do you have any info on Samuel Pittman who married Lucy Williams
    and their family. Also does anyone know where Lucy Williams Pittman is buried?

    • Hi Victoria, Lucy Williams was the daughter of William & Elizabeth Williams. She was mentioned in her father’s will as Lucy Pittman, wife of Samuel Pitman. The will was written 03 Apr 1763 in Granville Co., NC, which means Lucy and Samuel were married by 1763. Some DAR applications have their date of marriage as 1764, but that contradicts the will. They had children Samuel Pitman Jr, Lemuel Pitman, and Rebecca Pitman. I’m sorry but I don’t know where Lucy was buried.

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