Our Godwin DNA Test Results

This is a letter I sent out to all of the descendants of Elijah Godwin (1801-1884):

Update on my grandfather’s Godwin DNA test (to the descendants of Elijah Godwin):
As you know back in Nov my grandfather, Larry Godwin, submitted his DNA to the Goodwin/Godwin DNA Surname Project. I just wanted to remind everyone that all of the descendants of Elijah Godwin are represented by his DNA test. You do NOT have to submit your own test because if you are a Godwin male, then you will have the same exact y-chromosomal DNA as he does! Y-chromosomal DNA is what is passed from father to son each generation. Each family has its own set of mutations that occur that also get passed from generation to generation – these mutations are tested and recorded by companies like family tree DNA and they distinguish between family lines.
My grandfather’s 25-marker DNA test was a 100% match to the DNA of the FIRST group of Godwins in the results table http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/goodwin/results. Our ID number is G-43

Group 1
G-4   Descendant of David Godwin b. c1740 of Bladen Co., NC
G-29 Descendant of Samuel Godwin b. c1742 of Johnston Co., NC
G-30 Descendant of Thomas Godwin b. c1745 of Johnston Co., NC
G-32 Descendant of Thomas Godwin b. c1745 of Johnston Co., NC
G-34 Descendant of Nathan Godwin b. c1807 NC (possible grandson of Nathan b.
c1760 of Sampson Co., NC thru his son Jonathan)
G-8   Descendant of Alexander Godwin b. c1795 NC d. 1881 St. Clair, AL
G-43 Descendant of Elijah Godwin b. 1805 NC d. 1884 Lawrence Co., AR

For a 25 marker test match, there is a 90% probability that the descendants of Elijah Godwin share a common ancestor in the last 10 generations with the other 5 lines above.

Elijah is the last known ancestor we can prove to be descended from. It is my belief that Elijah was the son of Nathan Godwin who was the son of Jonathan Godwin, b. 1740, md. Rachel Bullard, however this is widely disbelieved by other Godwin researchers.

So now all we have to do is try to find paper trails of familial connections with these other 5 Godwin lines of NC.

There is one other Godwin who submitted a 37-marker test to this project. My grandfather can upgrade his test to a 37 marker test and compare against the other Godwin to tighten the window of relationship. If the two 37-marker tests come back with a 100% match, then there is a 95% chance we share a common ancestor in the last 7 generations, 90% chance it is within the last 5 generations and 50% that it is within the last 2-3 generations.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

We are still looking for descendants of Wilkinson, Dred, and Wilson Ulysses Godwin to participate in the surname project to see if we can connect them to our line.


7 Responses

  1. Hello, I came upon your site while searching for information about Wilson Ulysses Godwin.
    Wilson U. Godwin was my gggGrandfather
    As I understand it:
    Born 1820 Randolph Co. NC
    Died 2.22.1908
    Married Arthimisa Corbit 8.4.1846 in Smithsville AR
    they had 8 or 9 children one of which Was Ulysses S. Godwin. Ulysses S. Godwin married Ethel Penrod.
    They had a son Carlos Godwin “Bill”. Bill was my grandfather. If there is anything you can share with me about the Godwin lineage I would be much appreciative.


  2. my family would like to do the d.n.a. tests. thank you melody godwin hot sprigs arkansas

  3. my are in the garland county and montgumery co. in arkansas

  4. Please tell me who did your DNA test. We would like for one of our male first cousins to have the DNA test. We know that Elijah Godwin was our g g gf. and Sylvia Hinnant was our g g gm. Their daughter Rhoda Godwin was our g gm. She married Joseph Hinnant. Their son VanDorn was our gf. It would be of interest to find out if this is the same Elijah from Johnson, Co., NC. I look forward to your reply.

  5. I am a descendent of Wilkerson Godwin son Alexander who married Jememia Echols..Wilkerson was in Union Co.,Ill..Alexander and Jememia moved to Hot Springs Ark..Alexander and Jememia son Robert Wesley Godwin was my g g grandfather..

    • Hi Jo Anna,

      Thanks for writing. In case you are interested, we did find another descendant of Wilkerson Godwin to test for DNA and his results have been posted. I wrote about his DNA compared to my Grandfather’s DNA on my other blog here.

      We are in constant contact with this descendant of Wilkerson Godwin. He is descended through his son Alexander and then through Alexander’s son Finley and then through Finley’s son William Harrison. If you would like to be included on any emails with us in the future, please let me know and I will introduce you to the group and include you on future emails. We have been studying the family of Wilkerson Godwin for years.


      • Please include me in your posting..I don’t know a lot about this DNA stuff but it sounds exciting..Would like to know more..Thanks for getting back to me..Jo Anna Bates

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