Funeral Card Friday: John Brooks BINNS

John B Binns Rememberance Card

Funeral card of John Brooks Binns, Fort Smith, Arkansas, citing services on 12 December 1989; Privately held by daughter of the deceased, Barbara Jo (Binns) Smith, Fort Smith, Arkansas, scanned by Barbara

John Brooks Binns was my Paternal great-grandfather. He was tall and skinny and had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was married to the love of his life, Blanche Kathryn Hill and they had three beautiful little girls, Kitty, Barbara, and Brooxine Binns. John was a member of the Big 3 Little 3 Press Association in college and played football for the Monticello A&M Bollwevils in Arkansas. He was a meat cutter for Krogers grocery for ten years and when his kids were old enough to go to high school he and his wife went back to school and became school teachers. He taught 5th grade until he retired in 1975.

This post is part of a Monthly First Friday blogging theme suggested by Dee Akard Welborn. Dee encourages geneabloggers to highlight our funeral card collections on the first Friday of each month. You can join the fun on Facebook here as well!


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