An Inventory of Wills and Estate Records for Williams Families of Granville Co NC

My ancestor, Henry Williams, was the son of Daniel Williams who wrote a will in Granville County, North Carolina in 1759. You can read Daniel’s will in a previous post here. I retreived a copy of Daniel Williams’ 1759 Granville Co., NC will from the North Carolina State Archives in downtown Raleigh. While I was there, I also took inventory of all of the Williams surname files that were in the same box of original wills and also an inventory of the Williams estate files as well. Here is a listing of this inventory:

Granville County Wills 

Name Date Estate?
Agnes Williams 1803 YES
B F Williams 1925 -
Charles Williams 1819 YES
Daniel Williams 1759 YES
Elijah Williams 1854 -
Elizabeth Williams 1871 YES
J T Williams 1912 YES
James Williams 1845 YES
James Williams 1892 YES
John Williams 1799 YES
Joseph Williams 1773 -
Mary D Williams 1896 -
Nathaniel Williams 1831 -
Robert Williams 1822 -
Robert Williams 1905 -
Thomas Williams 1761 -
Thomas Williams 1825 -
William Williams 1765 -
William Williams 1777 -

Granville County Estates

Name Date Will?
Agnes Williams 1803 YES
Alfred Williams 1866 -
Benjamin Williams 1842 -
Charles Williams 1819 YES
Daniel Williams 1760 YES
David Williams 1862 -
Eliza Williams 1862 -
Elijah Williams 1842 -
Elizabeth Williams 1788 -
Elizabeth Williams 1871 YES
George Williams 1851 -
George W Williams 1900 -
Henrietta Williams 1887 -
Hettie H Williams 1889 -
J Williams 1770 -
James Williams 1847 YES
James Williams 1891 YES
John Williams 1770 -
John Williams 1779 YES
John D Williams 1912 YES
John H Williams 1865 -
Judge John Williams 1799 -

Source Information:

Granville County Wills: 1749-1968, Cr. 044.801.41, North Carolina State Archives, 109 E. Jones St., Raleigh, NC

Granville County Estates: Cr. 044.508.590, North Carolina State Archives, 109 E. Jones St., Raleigh, NC

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