Funeral Card Friday: John Brooks BINNS

John B Binns Rememberance Card

Funeral card of John Brooks Binns, Fort Smith, Arkansas, citing services on 12 December 1989; Privately held by daughter of the deceased, Barbara Jo (Binns) Smith, Fort Smith, Arkansas, scanned by Barbara

John Brooks Binns was my Paternal great-grandfather. He was tall and skinny and had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was married to the love of his life, Blanche Kathryn Hill and they had three beautiful little girls, Kitty, Barbara, and Brooxine Binns. John was a member of the Big 3 Little 3 Press Association in college and played football for the Monticello A&M Bollwevils in Arkansas. He was a meat cutter for Krogers grocery for ten years and when his kids were old enough to go to high school he and his wife went back to school and became school teachers. He taught 5th grade until he retired in 1975.

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Tombstone Tuesday: John Milton Binns

Gravemarker of John Milton Binns, buried in Oakland Cemetery in Monticello, Arkansas. Photo includes his son John Brooks Binns, date taken unknown. Photo is privately held by John Milton Binns' granddaughter, Barbara (Binns) Smith of Fort Smith, Arkansas. Photo was scanned and digitized by Ginger R Smith, November 2008.

John Milton Binns was my great-great grandfather. He was born January 17, 1868 in Arkansas and died October 8, 1961 in his home in Monticello, Arkansas. He married Perthinia Brooks November 10, 1892. She died November 3, 1942, just one week before they were to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Wordless Wednesday – Paternal Grandmother Wedding Shot

My grandmother's (Barbara Jo Binns) wedding photo (Fort Smith, AR)

Barbara Jo Binns married Darrel Smith, December 30, 1956 at Midland Boulevard Church of Christ in Fort Smith, Arkansas. They were both eighteen years old.

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Tombstone Tuesday – Burwell Binns

Gravemarker of Burwell and Lucinda (Phelps) Binns who are buried in Buelah Cemetery in Monticello, Drew Co., AR. Photo taken by James Lamar Baker, date unknown, sent to me by Pat Sheldon (Pat and James are both descendants of Burwell and Lucinda

Burwell Binns was born Dec. 6, 1811 in GA and died Jan. 1, 1866 in Veasey, Drew Co., AR. Lucinda Phelps was born Oct. 22, 1818 in GA and died Feb. 16, 1870 in Veasey, Drew Co., AR.

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Tombstone Tuesday – John Brooks Binns

Gravemarker of my great-grandparents, John Brooks Binns and Blanche Kathryn Hill Binns who are buried in Roselawn Cemetery in Fort Smith (Sebastian County), AR. Photo taken by Ginger R. Smith, on May, 2006.

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John Brooks Binns was born Mar 20, 1910 in Monticello, Drew Co., AR and died Dec. 1989 in Fort Smith, AR. His wife, Blanche Hill, was born Sept. 20, 1912 in Dierks, Howard Co., AR and died Dec. 27, 1992 in Fort Smith, Sebastian Co., AR. You can read about John Binns in a previous post here.

Wordless Wednesday – Great Grandfather

John Brooks Binns and Great-Granddaughter, Ginger R. Smith, 1978, Fort Smith, AR

You can read more about my great-grandfather, John Brooks Binns here.

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Using Google maps to view previous residences of my great-granparents Binns

John and Blanche Binns

This is a map of where my great grandparents, John and Blanche (Hill) Binns, lived in Fort Smith, Arkansas in the 1940s and 50s until they died in the 80s and 90s.

The Red pin is located at 1401 N. 19th Street (intersects N. L Street).  This is the house that John Binns bought in 1943 and raised their 3 children in. John and Blanche Binns lived in this house until they died. John also owned the house behind and beside his house.  I have included a picture of the house below:

1401 N 19th Street - John and Blanche's first house

The Blue pin is located at 815 N. 16th Street, which was John and Blanche’s first address in Fort Smith and where they lived according to the 1938 City Directory. My grandmother and her two sisters lived there. This house was torn down and now the Tilles Elementary School is here at this address:

815 N 16th - Tillis Elementary School

According to the Tilles Elementary School website, it was built in 1982 and it replaced the Duval School, which had been located at 1200 North 14th Street, and was the 2nd oldest (1888) school in town. My grandmother and her two sisters went to elementary school at Duval which was a block and a half from this house (on 815 N. 16th Street). The Duval School was located on the map at 1200 N 14th Street where the blue bus push pin is. It was torn down prior to Tillis being built. Here is a picture of where the Duval School once stood – right-hand side of the street where the new houses were built. According to my grandmother, the run down brick house picture on the left was there when she went to the Duval School in the 40s.  It is still standing today.

1200 N 14th - Former site of Duval Elementary School

These pictures were copied from Google Maps September 2, 2009 and May 2, 2010.