How many blogs does the average geneablogger maintain?

I have two.

I’ve gotten my original blog, Genealogy By Ginger on, up and running again. I have changed it’s focus though: I’ve tweaked it into more of a genealogy journal, focusing on progress about ongoing projects.  You will also see most of the stuff I post here on wordpress is also copied to this blog as a back up medium.

I haven’t gotten either of these blogs perfected like I had hoped to do. But one has to start somewhere. I can only hope to become a fluid and avid geneablogger, like those that populate my google reader.

If you’d like to get a taste of what’s going on in my other blog, feel free to check out the information I have posted on some Jackson County, Alabama SMITHs and some journals I’ve posted, projects I’ve started, and organizational quests I’ve undertaken.



Back Up Blog

Here is my method for backing up my main blog posted here on

1. Done weekly
2. edit post
3. click on HTML view
4. copy all html and text from the edit post box
5. open new post in my blog
6. Click on the HTML view
7. paste html and text from my wordpress blog into the window
8. change all links pointing back to my blog to the blog addresses (all posts’ web addys are saved to a google document)